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YouTube has changed the design of its homepage

 YouTube has announced updates to its design to bring to the video viewing platform extensive improvements and a number of new features, in both the browser and the application version, and now we will review what has changed in it.

 Logo: The shading transitions from the word Tube seamlessly to the YouTube icon.

 Interface: The red color has been reduced by the new interface design and the white color has increased in return, and the area of ​​displaying thumbnails from the video has increased.

 By the way, here's how YouTube's interface has evolved since its inception.

 Night mode: Now available for the web version.

 The application version: Besides the design, the improvement in speed, and its obtaining some advantages from the web version, it now supports the display of vertical video without the appearance of annoying bars as we see, but this feature is not available to everyone yet, perhaps in the coming days..