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Your comprehensive guide to making money on YouTube

 People earn from YouTube by creating their own YouTube channels and then launching content that attracts viewers to convert them into followers.

 After that, it begins in the stage of subscribing to the "YouTube Partners" program, so that Google begins to launch its own ads on those videos, and the owner of the content or channel earns money by participating with YouTube and Google.

 But Google applies strong review systems to the channels that accept its entry into the "YouTube Partnership" program, and also works to review those channels periodically to realize their compliance with the company's policies and standards.

 Google warns that the partnership with YouTube may also make him pay taxes on his YouTube earnings, but of course it will not reduce his earnings if his content is distinctive and exceptional.  Learn about the conditions for profit from YouTube that Google offers for beginners to help them succeed on YouTube and abide by the policies.

 How to create a channel on YouTube?

 These are the main steps that anyone seeking to create a YouTube channel should follow:

 Initially, you must have a Google account and Gmail.

 Sign in to your Google account via YouTube.

 You can also log into your Google account on the Google home page at the top left to log in to all the services associated with it, whether YouTube or Gmail, and other services and applications of the site

 Open the YouTube homepage

 Make sure you are logged into your Google account on YouTube

 Click on your YouTube account icon, you will find it at the top of the page on the left

 Click on the Settings option for your YouTube account

 Click on the option to create a YouTube channel

 You can also access the option to create a channel on YouTube directly without going through all these steps by opening the following 

 YouTube will open the options to create the channel, which will be a default name with your account name 

 You can change the name of the channel to the name you want to reflect the content that you will prepare or the activity that you will provide

 If you choose to create a brand account channel and not be a personal channel with your name, you will be taken to another icon where you specify the brand name

 Click the Create Channel button to launch it

 But creating a channel on YouTube is not all, you need to adjust the settings for that channel, so that it is officially ready to work.

 It comes as follows

 Steps to set YouTube channel reset 

 After the official launch of the channel on YouTube, you will see the option to manage that channel. This option can also be accessed by clicking on the top left of YouTube and choosing the “My Channel” icon. To start adjusting your channel settings, click on the “Customize channel” option. You will be taken directly to the home page of your channel.  On YouTube, first you have to modify the "channel icon", and by clicking on it, you can press the edit button. This will take you to an icon through which you can download an image from your device to make it an icon for the channel. This step is very important because through it YouTube realizes that that channel is professional.

 Second, we move to adding the channel image, and that differs from the channel icon, because that image is like the background image used by Facebook. It is a large rectangular image that expresses the nature of the channel. In the channel, you will find a blue button by clicking on it that will enable you to download the channel image from your device.  The image quality must be high, not less than 2560 x 1440 pixels

 Third, adjust the settings of the channel itself, by clicking on the “About” option, you will at this point fill in 4 main options

 Put a description of the channel, expressing its specialization and the nature of the content provided in it

 Fill in the "Commercial Inquiries" icon by adding your email so that your channel followers can communicate with you

 Add the geolocation of the channel owner as the name of the country and city.

 Add channel links such as your website or pages on social media

 Youtube monetization formula

 The YouTube monetization equation works as follows:

 Content owners post videos

 Advertisers buy ads on YouTube

 YouTube puts ads on videos

 YouTube users are watching ads

 Content owners get paid by YouTube

 There are two types of getting profit or money from YouTube

 google adsense

 YouTube Partner Program (available in a number of countries, some countries not available)

 Youtube earning requirements

 No channel owner can be able to make profit from YouTube, but there are some requirements, conditions and controls, through which you can start making profit from YouTube.

 The most prominent requirements or conditions for YouTube to start placing ads on your videos are as follows

 1. The number of views on your channel should not be less than 4 thousand followers in the last 12 hours

 2. You have a thousand followers or subscribers on your channel during the last 12 hours

 3. You have to have a Google Adsense account

 4. Or you are located in a country that has YouTube Partnership Programs

 5. Have 30,000 followers on the channel to become a YouTube Partnership Member

 6. You constantly maintain the presence of followers and subscribers to the channel and that your viewership rates do not drop significantly

 7. The channel should not contain sensitive or controversial content or violate YouTube policy

 8. The content should not infringe the intellectual property rights of any content owned by others

 9. The channel should not contain content that contains violence or blood, or incites violence against adults or children, or sexual harassment against either of them.

 10. The videos are safe for children, and do not contain any suicidal thoughts for children