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Why you should not use free internet networks?

 Norton, an anti-virus company, has warned users of free Wi-Fi networks not to fall into the trap of intruders and hackers, thus exposing their homes to the risk of exploitation.

 A survey of the company, the results of which were published on Monday, showed that 95 percent of users of these networks in the UAE exchanged sensitive information through them, such as bank account numbers or e-mail data.

 And participated in the survey conducted by Norton, on the risks of using "Wi-Fi" networks, more than 15,000 people in 15 countries, with the aim of identifying how they use it, and ways to access it.

 Although users know the risks of connecting to such networks, most of them do not take precautions to avoid risks that could put their personal data at risk of theft.

 27 percent of those who participated in the survey in the UAE (out of 1,000 users) confirmed that they accessed their bank accounts and exchanged financial information over public Wi-Fi networks, including sharing their credit card data.

 In the UAE, 72% used free Wi-Fi networks to access their social media accounts, while 61% used the same networks to check their email.

 Technology experts advise users to keep the use of "Wi-Fi" networks to a minimum, and only when necessary, and not to enter any network without knowing the consequences of using it.

 Experts also recommend that you ensure that the network is reliable, such as the one using the HTTPS protocol, which is largely protected from hacking.