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Why is the shape of smartphones rectangular?

 Have you ever thought about the shape and design of mobile phones, and why they always take the shape of a rectangle and not any other shape?

 The rectangular shape of the mobile phone dates back to the beginning of the invention of this device, which automatically took the shape of the rectangle, because it was the only suitable way to place the components of the phone such as the keyboard, microphone, speakers, transmitter, and others.

 Looking at geometric shapes, such as circles, triangles, and others, we find that rectangular shapes are more easy and flexible in terms of use and manual handling than others.

 For example, CDs that have a circular shape find it difficult to handle manually, or to keep them in a pocket.

 The field of view is the main driver for seeing things more clearly and more comfortably.

 In order to get a good viewing area, this depends primarily on the dimensions such as length, width and height, which is provided by the rectangular shape of mobile phones, because the aspect ratio of the screen is 16:9, and this ratio provides you with a good, comfortable and clear viewing area when you use the phone.

 It is known that the images and videos that are displayed on the phone screen are made up of a group of pixels.

 And since pixels usually take the form of squares, you find that the rectangular shape is more appropriate to accommodate them, than other geometric shapes such as circles, for example.

 If the screen is circular, it means that there are areas that will not be used, or that there will be blurred edges.

 Looking at the letters of the alphabet and the words, you find that the consistency between each other looks more elegant, when it appears on a rectangular screen, as is the case on the screens of phones