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What is Google AdSense and how do you make money with it?

There are many names of façons de monétiser the traffic of your website, and the place between them is the advertising for products or services provided by you.  The most popular advertising programs are Google AdSense.

 The advertising program I launched in 2003 by Google.  Il s’agit actuellement du program of advertising the most popular on the Internet.  Il offer aux webmasters et aux propriétaires de sites is an excellent occasion of monétiser leur trafic.  Chaque année, Google see more than 10 million dollars à ses éditeurs.  If you want to ask "What is your adSense and comment on what do you think about AdSense?", L'article suivant vous donnera des indices.

 The advantages of Google AdSense

 A great name d'éditeurs et d'annonceurs.  À ce jour, plus 10 millions of l'utilisent Web sites.

 Haut leveau de sécurité, de sûreté et de transparence pour les annonceurs et les editors.  C'est une autre bonne fonctionnalité d'AdSense.  Google agitated in so much that it was intermédiaire between the deux parties and the watch that the assembly of the process was transparent and transparent.  Toutes les mesures nécessaires peuvent être suivies dans votre compte Google Analytics.

 Variété de formats d'annonce.  Dans AdSense, les annonceurs peuvent diffuser du text, des images, des annonces HTML, des annonces video, etc., in different tailles.  In so far as it is possible, you can test different types of annunciation and determine what will generate the plus of revenus.

 Comment fonctionne AdSense?

 The assembly of the process is simple.  You create an AdSense compte, insert a small amount of code on the pages of your website.  C’est tout ce dont vous avez besoin pour commencer.  Google poster on the voting page of the cibléan annunciations that are relevant to the content of the website or to the previous user requirements, based on their own algorithms.

 The visitors of your web site start to click on the annunciation and - the best part - you will be a peasant for the cela.  Google AdSense is based on the basis of the click and the partage des revenus.  Cela means that you vote for the main event, it will be of fournir autant of clicks that possible sur ceases then.

 Astuce: n'essayez passed de tromper Google et d'augmenter artificiellement the name of clicks.  N'encouragez for the visitors of your website to click on the annonces and, well, if you click on you on the annonces!  Google dispose of a system three précis et compliqué de prevention of fraud au click.  It is possible to highlight an activity that is suspended on your website or that is related to the quality of your traffic and your clicks, but it is possible to suspend your vote.

 Combien pouvez-vous gagner avec AdSense?

 Google invoices the annonceurs for click d'annonce.  The editors receive 68% of the number of clicks (or 51% of those who concern AdSense for the recherches).

 The commission that you receive depends on the competition and the CPC in your creed.  In practice, the commission per click peut aller from 0.20 to 15 USD.  The majorité des niches rapportent moins of 3 dollars to click on the editors.  Cependant, certains créneaux peuvent être extrêmement profitable.

 There are deux manières to discover the most profitable subjects:

 1. Estimate a coût moyen by clicking on the niche with the CPC mapping tool:

You can see that the three most expensive niches in America are insurance, online training, and marketing and advertising.  If you are about to start a blog and decide what topics to cover, these numbers will come in handy.

  2. Check the CPC for a particular keyword in the Keyword Magic tool

This tool works with the world's largest keyword database (over 14.6 billion keywords as of August 2019).  You can enter a starting keyword ("adsense" for example) and you will get tons of search terms associated with CPC, search volume, and level of competition for each of those terms.

  Tip: The amount you earn doesn't just depend on the cost per click value in your niche.  It also depends on how well the ads match your audience's interests, where they are on the page, etc.  So, pay attention to your website content and how it looks, and experiment with different placements on a page to find the most effective option.

  Traffic is king

  Last but not least, your income also depends on the traffic directed to your website.  You can pick the most expensive niche and pick the best placements for your ads, but it doesn't make sense if no one is showing up on your website or blog.  Keep in mind that only a small number of your visitors click on the ads (there are no official statistics from Google, but webmasters generally report that a CTR rate of 1 to 2% is pretty good).  Clicks will most likely earn you less than $ 1 per click.  Now you can calculate for yourself how much traffic you need to earn the amount you want.  Therefore, if you want to make money from AdSense, you must generate significant traffic.  It will take a lot of work and a lot of unique and quality content.

  This means that it is always reasonable to create a website on a topic that you are very familiar with.  It will be much easier for you to generate a lot of quality content and it will be a pleasant job.  Don't expect to make $ 1,000 per month with a 10 page website.  It is recommended that you create at least 20-30 pages of content before you start using AdSense.


  In short, Google AdSense allows you to save enough money, but it is not a get-rich-quick scheme.  A few common sense rules to follow will help you lay the foundation for high and stable earnings:

  I love the subject he writes and knows a lot about it.

  In addition to producing unique and relevant content, do it regularly so Google knows that your website is constantly being updated with new information.

  Don't try to fool Google with "artificial" clicks.

  Do your research to find the most profitable niches in terms of CPC and search demand.  Build your content plan based on this information.