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What is the danger of fully charging and discharging a smartphone?

 Technology expert Boris Pokarev warned that fully charging and discharging a smartphone shortens battery life.

    “Charging a smartphone to 100%, like fully discharging it, shortens battery life,” said Pokarev.  “The manufacturer’s advice to fully discharge the smartphone and then charge it to 100% is a marketing ploy.”

    The expert noted: “Battery life depends on charging cycles. A single charge cycle means charging up to 90-100% of the battery capacity. On average, smartphones are designed for 300-500 charge cycles, after which the battery condition slowly deteriorates.  .

    In addition, the expert added that if there is a two- or three-phase electric meter, then it is certainly useful to charge phones and other devices at night.

    He added that you can safely leave the smartphone to charge overnight - the battery and other parts of the device will not be damaged.  When the phone is fully charged, it will stop supplying power by itself.