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Unveiling a new high-performance computer at an incredible price

 Loughborough University, England, has unveiled a new high-performance computer worth £1.1 million, making it one of the most expensive and capable at once.

 The new computer is called Ada Lovelace, and it is designed by OCF Technologies, and it replaces its predecessor Hydra, which was introduced in 2010;  Ada Lovelace consumes nearly half of the electricity that Hydra used, while providing three to four times the production.

 The new computer was named after the English mathematician "Ada Lovelace" (1815 - 1852), who was the first to realize that the machine has applications beyond mere arithmetic, and published the first algorithm that can be performed by this machine.

 The main frame of the new computer includes 58 nodes and 2,230 cores, equivalent to 58 computers each with 40 processors, and the storage space reaches 800 terabytes, and it is placed in a secure room on the campus, and it was installed last year, but its disclosure was postponed due to the Corona pandemic.  .

 The new device is currently in use by more than 200 academics, doctoral students and researchers across the university for a variety of projects, including motorsport aerodynamics, quantum physics, next-generation battery modeling and fluid dynamics.