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Twitter: Your tweets make you money

 Twitter announced through a virtual event that it plans to launch a feature to pay for posts, called "Super Follows", where users will be able to pay the people they follow for their best tweets.

 With Super Falls, Twitter will allow users to make money from content that will be exclusive to certain followers.

 Sample screenshots released by the company show that the payment scheme can take many forms. For example, a follower can pay a creator they follow on Twitter a few dollars a month to access that user's exclusive newsletter or to view private tweets available only to premium followers.  They may also be able to join a particular group or get a badge showing their support for that creator.

 The idea that you'll pay someone for their tweets may seem far-fetched, but a Twitter spokesperson told tech site Recode that the goal is to "rethink the incentives to serve us."  Essentially, the premise seems to be that this pay-for-job feature will help build more specific communities around specific topics.

 Besides paying for posts, another change coming to Twitter is a group-like tool called Communities.

 Currently we don't know much about this feature that has not arrived yet, as Twitter says that more information is coming later this year, but the idea seems to be to provide a more private and more controlled way for communities to come together on Twitter outside the public domain of the page.

 "It's still hard to find people who share your interests in in-depth conversations and connect with them directly," a company spokesperson told Recode.

 "This year, we're making it easier for you to discover, engage and have conversations with communities you share your interests," he added.

 The new community feature was announced on Twitter at a virtual investor event on Thursday.

 None of the newly announced Twitter features are currently available, but the company says it will reveal more information in the coming months.

 However, Thursday's announcement is a sign that Twitter wants to be more than just a public discussion space on the Internet and that the company tends to the smaller "small communities" that form organically on its platform.

 The arrival of the "Super Falls" and "Groups" features comes as Twitter moves to emulate the closed features available on other platforms.

 At the end of last year, Twitter launched Snapchat-like Fleets stories that disappear and are only available to followers.  The company is also in the midst of expanding its new Spaces tool, small, sound-based rooms that work like the new Clubhouse app.

 Following in the footsteps of services such as Substack, earlier this year Twitter purchased the Revue email newsletter service that integrates subscription-based newsletters directly through their public Twitter accounts.

 Twitter's recent moves also indicate that the company hopes to add more diversification to its platform, which has been a year since the platform was founded