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Twitter launches a new authentication policy for its users' accounts

 Twitter today announced the launch of a new system for verifying accounts on the social networking site, which has 186 million daily active users.

 Where many seek to obtain the blue badge in front of the names of their accounts on Twitter, which means that the account is “authenticated” and this gives a degree of credibility to the account holder and can increase the number of his followers, and the blue badge also facilitates the interaction of social media users with the account holder, given that it  It makes them feel a kind of safety in dealing with it, and it also benefits those looking for accurate information and sources of news, as the authentication mark makes it easier to know whether the tweeter with a statement or information is really that person who says that he is or is he just an impersonator of the character or the name, especially if it is for a party  official, or public figure.

 Twitter has started implementing the new authentication policy by automatically removing the verification badge from accounts that do not meet the updated verification criteria, such as inactive or incomplete accounts, and the new authentication conditions define the categories that are eligible to verify their accounts as follows:

 government accounts

 Companies, brands and organizations

 News organizations and journalists


 Sports and games

 Activists, Organizers and Other Influential Individuals

 Twitter says it plans to include more categories of people eligible for authentication later this year, such as scholars, academics and religious leaders.

 Another condition for the authentication request to be accepted is that the account must be "full", meaning that it has a username, photo, confirmed email address, and phone number.

 The account must also be active, within the six months prior to requesting verification, and have a record of complying with the Twitter Rules.

 According to the new program, the Twitter platform will provide guidelines for verified account holders that they must follow in addition to the general rules of the platform.

 Those who repeatedly violate the Twitter Rules will be punished by removing the blue badge from their account and turning it into an unverified account.

 Over the next few weeks, all Twitter accounts will gradually have the option to "Request Verification" under "Account Settings".

 The applicant will receive an e-mail within one to four weeks of submitting his account verification request, in which a response is either to verify the account or inform him that the account “did not meet the authentication criteria.” If the authentication request is approved, the blue badge will automatically appear on the account,  People whose account verification requests are rejected can resubmit the authentication request again after 30 days.

 In addition to the new authentication policy, Twitter is working to launch more updates and new features in the coming months, most notably giving account holders more space to identify themselves, in addition to launching new types of accounts such as “bot accounts” and “memorial accounts.”