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Tik Tok allows job candidates to submit photo resumes

 The social network "Tik Tok" has launched a program in the United States that allows its users to submit a short video clip of their resume instead of the traditional written summary when they apply for a job.

 Some companies have seized the opportunity to recruit members of Generation Z under the age of 25, including the Chipotle restaurant chain, Abercrombie & Fitch clothing stores, Target supermarkets and World Wrestling Entertainment, to organize wrestling matches, or even  Detroit basketball team.

 Chipotle said in a statement, Thursday, that it "continues to experiment with new methods to interview potential candidates wherever they are, given the tight labor market."

 She added, “Thanks to TikTok’s CV program, potential candidates… can demonstrate their authenticity and true passion in a way that is different from a traditional CV or a seated interview.”

 "Tik Tok" began providing its tool, last Wednesday, as part of a beta program that is scheduled to continue until July 31.

 The program allows recruitment officials in companies to publish their job offers on a site designated for this purpose, and “Tik Tok” users can apply for the offered jobs by sending a video clip and adding a specific tag to it.

 The social network specializing in short videos provides an already abundant content related to the search for professional jobs, which can be found through my hashtag