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Minor iPhone malfunctions that can be fixed

 iPhones are exposed to several malfunctions during their use, but there are problems that do not cause concern, and they can be fixed with very simple steps.

 And the “Business Insider” website transmitted the most prominent problems that can be fixed simply in the iPhone, foremost of which is the main button has stopped working, in the event that it no longer responds smoothly, experts advise dipping a piece of cotton in some alcohol and then passing it on it, and then the user will find that he has returned to  its normal state.

 The user should be careful to clean the edges of the main button thoroughly, and not pass the cotton swab over the surface only in passing.

 And in the event that an unusually slow charging of the iPhone is observed, it is likely that the dirt has penetrated into the cable entrance, and therefore, it is worth cleaning it as well, but with a toothpick.

 If the iPhone user finds it difficult to hear the sound of the calls, he must take the eraser of the pen and clean the speaker with it to remove any impurities stuck in it.

 And because the original charger is difficult to replace, experts advise to repair it quickly when any rupture appears, and they recommend wrapping it with a plastic material so that the rupture does not grow, and the cable is completely split.

 The list shows that the iPhone user does not have to use his finger all the time to browse the phone, as he can resort to the cotton bud used to clean the ear and pass it on the screen normally.

 And if the phone gets wet, experts advise placing it in the middle of "silica gel", a granular substance that is synthetically created from sodium silicate, which can dry everything around it.

 And when the user wants to extract the card from the phone, he can use a paper clip to pull it out in case the original pin designated for this purpose, which came with the phone, is lost.