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Microsoft and Apple .. Disagreements foretell a new technological conflict

 Disagreements between Microsoft and Apple over App Store rules portend a new conflict between the two tech giants, rivals since the early days of the PC, that could cast a shadow over the rise of augmented and virtual reality apps.

    And the "Wall Street Journal" warned of the return of the confrontation between the two companies, recalling the days of their founders Steve Jobs of "Apple" and Bill Gates of "Microsoft", which may upset other technology companies and their customers.

    Les deux géants de la technologie échangent des accusations sur Epic Games, qui est engage dans une bataille juridique contre Apple, l'accusant de pratiques anticoncurrentielles, tandis que Microsoft reproche à Apple de "restreindre sa via capacitére à les les atteind"  video games".  own.

    Microsoft recently announced plans to launch Android apps through its new platform, Windows 11, and said it would allow app developers to choose alternative payment systems.

    Apple is facing criticism over how developers make money from its app stores, charging a percentage on all subsequent sales, such as subscriptions or in-game purchases.

    It comes as the two companies prepare for a looming battle in the augmented and virtual reality market, which is seen as the next major front in IT.  Microsoft has started selling HoloLens devices, amid speculation that Apple will unveil its device next year.

    Microsoft CEO Satya Nadala announced, Thursday, at the launch of the new operating system "Windows 11", that the world "needs a more open platform, allowing applications to become platforms in themselves."

    Apple has defended its strict controls over its App Store, giving users more privacy and cybersecurity protection.

    Others, including Facebook and Epic Games, say the company is unfairly exercising its ability to control access to more than one billion iPhone users.

    Today, Apple and Microsoft are the two major trading powers in the United States and are the only two American companies valued at $2 trillion or more and have a combined annual revenue of about $400 billion.

    But Epic Games, in its dispute with Apple, has called in Laurie Wright, Microsoft's vice president of business development in games, media and entertainment, as a witness to talk about its failed attempt to offer a streaming service.  Collective video game called "GamePass Ultimate", in a store.  Apple applications.

    She said that "Apple" treats Microsoft's offerings differently from its treatment of streaming services provided by other companies such as "Netflix".

    Court records show that Apple attempted to discredit Wright's testimony and questioned the motives of other Epic Games witnesses, suggesting that Microsoft was behind the Epic lawsuit.

    Apple questioned whether Epic was working in cooperation with Microsoft, and that the latter had protected itself "by not appearing as a party or sending a representative of the company to testify".

    A judge is expected to rule on the entire case in the coming weeks.