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"Mercedes" unveils an electric car that runs 700 km

 The German company "Mercedes-Benz" is preparing to unveil the electric model of the EQS car on the 15th of next April.


 And the Bloomberg news agency quoted the company's chief operating officer, Markus Schaefer, in a phone interview, as saying, "Mercedes is about to launch eight fully electric cars on three continents, within the next year."

 According to the available data, a "huge battery" of 108 kilowatt-hours will be one of the main features of the new "Mercedes" electric car "Eqs", which allows the opportunity to travel and drive a distance of more than 700 kilometers in full.

 The battery will also support fast charging, where a single 15-minute charge using a fast charger can provide a range of up to 250 km.

 The new battery has undergone more than two million kilometers of testing, from the sweltering temperatures of South Africa to the freezing temperatures of northern Sweden, to better test the impact of high and low temperatures on the electric powertrain.