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Instagram offers many new features

 Instagram is testing many new features that it may introduce to users this year.

 Among the most prominent modifications that Instagram users may get are features that allow them to select specific topics to appear to them through “suggested posts”, and they will also be able to postpone the duration of the proposals appearing or hide them from their pages completely.

 Also, the suggested publications feature has been well received since its launch, so you may make some additional modifications to it, and these publications may appear to users on their pages

sometimes before photos and videos of people who follow them on the application.

 On the other hand, “Instagram” users may get new features that allow them to display the “stories” that they publish on the application to a specific category of followers only, and they will be able to choose this category from the lists of friends or followers, and it is possible that a feature will be added that helps not to enable viewers of stories to  Create snapshots of them across their device screens.

 Adjusting how posts or stories appear on Instagram will help content creators or those who use the app for profitable purposes, to deliver their posts to the groups they want.