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Instagram brings new features to earn more money

 Facebook, the owner of the Instagram application, announced that the application will get new features that will help content creators earn money, establish partnerships with certain companies to promote them through their videos, and get some income from this type of advertising.

    The new features will begin testing with a number of content creators and companies currently based in the US, including Benefit, Kopari, MAC, Pat McGrath Labs, and Sephora, and will later expand these features to other countries.

    "Today, we're announcing new ways to help content creators make a living creating their personal brands on our platforms," ​​Facebook said in an online blog post.  "People have always used Instagram to share the products they love. We want to give more designers access to our shopping tools and allow them to receive rewards for purchases they make."

    The creator will not get any revenue or revenue from the business they promote, unless users click on the post in which they promoted the brands of those companies, which means that their earnings can be proportional to the percentage of other people who follow their posts.

    Facebook has also indicated that creators via Instagram will receive a payout as part of the Star Challenges feature program if their videos meet certain conditions, including total broadcast hours, views, and more.