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How to make money despite the low number of subscribers on your YouTube channel

 A college girl revealed how she managed to earn a lot of money from the popular YouTube video watching site despite her small number of subscribers.

 Student Megan Pruitt said she took the videos as if it was a part-time job, making use of her dorm room to shoot the videos.

 The girl, who studies at the University of Oklahoma, USA, noticed that she was filming videos about her daily life, and at first she was earning between 100 to 200 US dollars, despite the number of her few followers.

 And that little girl became part of what is known as the "Nano Influencer".

 Pruitt has pursued a successful strategy, so that her clips can become popular within her small community.

 The little girl's strategy is to upload at least one video a week, and after a while she fixed the date for the clip to be uploaded, so that all her followers would wait for it.

 With the search upload, Pruitt puts keywords that make it searchable on the entire YouTube site.

 She also chooses the topics of the videos carefully, to be useful to all her fellow students, for example, to make a video about returning to college at the beginning of the semester, and so on.