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Health problems caused by sitting in front of the computer and laptop

 Everyone is now attached to a mobile phone and computer screens, whether for the purpose of work or entertainment, which causes serious health problems, according to a report by onlymyhealth.

 Sitting behind your desk for long hours can negatively affect your health.  It not only strains your eyes, but also affects your physical and mental health.

 eye strain

 It is quite obvious that constant focus on the screen can put the eye under terrible pressure.  Even placing the monitor at a distance can put extra strain on your eyes.  This can cause fatigue again and there may be potential damage to your eyes, and there is a possibility that constant pressure on the eye will blur your vision.


 The amount of time you spend behind your laptop screen also reduces your sleep time. Excessive use of your laptop and the blue light emitted from the screen can cause problems with the sleep hormone melatonin, and this makes it difficult for you to sleep at night, and gradually you will suffer from sleep disturbances.  .

 Back and neck pain

 According to the site, sitting in this position for long hours can cause pain in the neck, back and head, and problems such as fatigue, as the muscles cannot relax when sitting for long hours in a certain position.  It can also lead to slowed blood circulation in the veins and muscles, which can be dangerous to your health.


 Sitting behind a laptop for long hours can also cause chronic diseases such as type 2 diabetes, heart disease, and even cancer.

 It is scientifically proven that spending a long time working with digital devices can lead to higher insulin levels in your body.  The accumulation of fat in the bloodstream increases the risk of stroke.

 Low social skills

 You should have notes of those who play a lot or spend most of their time watching soap operas, including their low social skills.

 They are uncomfortable within the social group and often find ways to escape from the public space.

 This constricts the mind and limits the ability to think, and now this happens with most children because they are confined at home to their laptops.

 memory loss

 This can be really scary and is one of the main factors that make sitting behind your laptop for long hours so harmful.

 Spending a lot of time behind your laptop or desktop can change the structure of your brain's thought process.  This can cause the cognitive process to shrink, which can impair brain signals.

 This can also lead to poor memory, loss of focus, slow information processing, and poor reactions