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Global smartphone sales decline in 2020

 A recent international report by the global research institution "IDC" showed a decline in smart phone sales in all communications markets around the world, about 1.3 billion units in the year 2020.

 According to the report, the decline rate was 6%, when compared to its sales recorded in the previous year 2019, when it amounted to about 1.4 billion units.

 This decline in this percentage contradicts the expectations of observers at the beginning of the Corona crisis in the world, which indicated that this market would witness a significant decline of more than 25%, due to the closures and measures taken in most countries of the world due to Corona, but smart phone sales began to witness a recovery during  The third and fourth quarter of last year.

 According to the same report, the smart phone market has increased due to strong promotions, the popularity of low to medium-priced phones, and people's demand for low-cost smart phone devices due to the demand of people and students to apply the concept of distance learning, and the increased demand of users to rely on these devices.  In addition to personal computers and tablets to communicate and conduct life and work matters remotely in the face of the outbreak of the new Corona virus.