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Disclosure of the most important changes that will happen to the iPhone 13

 Technology sites revealed that the leaked images of the iPhone 13 show two noticeable changes in the look of the phone manufactured by the American giant "Apple".

 The first change affected the “notch”, which is the black part at the top of the phone’s front and contains the camera and sensors, such as the light sensor, audio microphone, and others.

 As for the second change, it affected the distribution of the cameras on the back of the phone, which leads to the belief that “Apple” may make the front end of the phone equipped with two cameras as well.

 Nothing is known yet about the internal changes in the phone, and the new features that iPhone lovers are waiting for.

 On the other hand, mysmartprice suggested that the size of the “iPhone 13” will be smaller than the previous version, “iPhone 12”, but it will feature a screen that covers the interface from edge to edge more than before.