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5 common areas of profit online in 2021

Profiting through the Internet may be a dream for many. The idea of ​​owning a project on the Internet that generates money for you, and gives you the opportunity to spend time with your family and friends, such an idea is really tempting, and although it is closer to a dream for some, it is a reality, and many around the world  They earn thousands, even millions of dollars through the Internet.

 Of course, in order to choose the method that is right for you, you must first get to know and form a good idea about a large variety of ways to profit from the Internet, and then choose what suits you and start implementing it ... and this is what I will present to you today.

 In this guide, I will put in your hands a large variety of real and legitimate ways to profit from the Internet, through which you can make thousands of dollars in profits, and rely on them as a primary source of income like thousands of other Arab youth who have succeeded in that.

 1- Earning from affiliate marketing

 Whether you have your own website or are thinking of creating one, don't hesitate to try affiliate marketing or affiliate marketing, which you can find a lot of skills about on Tech 101.

 Through this method, you can form partnerships with various international and local brands or companies whose services are compatible with your own site, to remember or talk about their products on your site by using a special code that you get when registering in one of the affiliate marketing programs.

 Every time someone uses this code when buying a specific product or service, you will get a percentage of the profit.

 Many companies offer affiliate marketing, so you can choose what suits you best, but make sure that your choice is compatible and related to the content that you offer on your site or your own page.

 2- Profit from blogging

 Blogging It is a good way to make money from the Internet, it is perhaps the least requested and the income, but it is also perhaps the most entertaining way out of this list.

 I love blogging and know hundreds of bloggers who feel the same way while blogging.  So let's talk about profiting from blogging.

 Blogging is a business that requires perseverance and discipline.  Meaning writing every day for several months before you start getting paid.

 There are exceptions to the rule, but from my dealings with some bloggers, I must continue to build the blog for a while before profiting from it.

 Some people say that it is possible to make money from the Internet without the need for a lot of traffic, and while this is true in some ways, generally you will need a lot of traffic to start earning from your blog.

 Profit from trading

 Currency trading is the foreign exchange market - also known as the foreign exchange market - the most traded market in the world, with a daily trading volume of over $5 trillion.

 Forex is traded 24 hours a day, 5 days a week via banks and institutions around the world.

 Unlike other financial markets.  This is one of the advantages of trading through the Internet as an independent or additional business to achieve a stable income.

 The number of new traders from all over the world is increasing to work in the forex markets through trading platforms through a personal computer.

 3- How to profit from trading

 Forex trading is the buying and selling of currencies at another time.

 Traders profit by buying and selling currencies, it is called speculating in the direction that currency prices are likely to go in the future.

 For example:

 Buying a specific amount of dollars at a certain price and there is a rise in the price, you will have a profit, but if the price of the dollar falls after you bought it, it will be a loss for you.

 Selling a certain amount of EUR/USD and there was a drop in the price of the Euro, which you sold at a low price before it fell, this will be a profit, but if the price of the Euro rose after selling it early, it will be a loss for you.

 You also note that it is a normal trade like any other trade, but it is characterized by profit from the rise and fall if you select the appropriate deal.

 4- Profit from Google Adsense

 If you are looking for the best ways to profit from the Internet for beginners, you must know that Google Adsense is one of the best ways to make money online, as it has helped and still many people around the world turn their passion for writing content into an important source in order to make money from the Internet.

 Google Adsense is an advertising program launched by Google to support content makers, where they write exclusive articles on their websites, and if they accept, Google Adsense ads are displayed on the site, and advertisers earn for each visitor click on the ads on the site.

 Of course, the CPC price varies from one site to another for many main factors, including the type of niche or the field on which the site operates, the language of the article and the owner of the advertisement, in addition to the source of visitors. For example, the visitor coming from search engines via SEO is much better than the visitor coming from  Social media.

 Google Adsense can be considered one of the best sources of income for those looking for how to profit from the Internet for beginners in an easy and guaranteed way.  But to be accepted into the advertising program and start profiting from this field, you must respect some of the admission requirements in Google Adsense.

 5- Profit from self-employment or freelance

 This field is very popular in the labor market on the ground as well as on the Internet.  You offer your services and skills to those who need them for money.  You can be a designer, writer, Google Play app programmer, montage expert, and many more skills, these skills are needed by many people who will pay you money to help them.

 In this field, you can also share your time doing simple things for companies or entrepreneurs, for example, you can test some applications and express your opinion on them, or some programs or electronic services.

 There are companies that want to test one of their products and services before offering them to users or customers, and they will pay you for that. You can also work as an assistant to an entrepreneur, so you can respond to emails or comments on social media pages.

 You can also provide simple services such as translating texts or some videos into written text.

 Regardless of the fierce competition that you will face as a beginner, once you get a project, the price will be low because you are a beginner and no one trusts you. You will also make an incredible effort all this for a price that is not much, and you must know that you are bound by an agreement between you and the client, therefore you have a specific delivery period that should not be  You have to get over it, so you will get into permanent anxiety and depression in case you are a beginner.

 In the beginning, it will be natural for large companies and institutions not to accept cooperation with you, so do not waste your time insisting on dealing with them, and focus on small institutions and people where the possibility of assigning you some work will be greater.

 Do not be too pessimistic, as once you become a professional in this field and have clients who trust you, your income will double.

 After that, you will work as an administrator for other beginners in this field and start paying half of the project and half for you and everyone will accept that because all clients do not trust them but trust you, so you will receive projects without working on them and take half the profits, and continue on this gradual approach aimed at developing your level of expertise  And your income at the same time, which is achieved over time and which we assumed that you earn each period the trust of new customers.

 Requirements and features of this field:

 You can start in this field for free and without capital.

 Self-employment is being your own boss and business owner.

 You must highlight your skill and experience to potential clients, and this requires a lot of effort and focus.

 The possibility of reaching customers very easily through social networking sites, as well as freelance platforms.

 This field requires the skill of persuasion and negotiation, to know how to present your services to clients, and to get the best possible return while respecting the agreement concluded in terms of time in order to increase confidence and avoid any problems