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3 essential tips to protect your data via WhatsApp

 You can't stop what WhatsApp shares with Facebook right now, but if you're not among those who have migrated to other instant messaging apps like Signal or Telegram, here are some additional privacy protection suggestions to keep your WhatsApp data and personal information safe from anyone, according to a report by the site.  American Business Insider.

 Enable 2-Step Verification

 Two-Step Verification is offered by many apps and it's a feature worth using, especially as it basically ensures that no one else can log into the app or device but you.  Activating this feature in WhatsApp is relatively simple and only takes a few seconds.

 Disable cloud backups

 While some people want to keep their conversation logs, doing so makes those conversations vulnerable to prying eyes who can access cloud storage services like iCloud or Google Drive where they are stored, because the conversations that are backed up lack the live chat encryption found within WhatsApp.  So it is important to disable this option.

 Turn on security notifications

 You can make WhatsApp alert you if another device can access your chats by enabling security notifications, and since WhatsApp generates a security code when a new device signs in to the app, you need to know this code.